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From the Savannahs of South Africa to the Deserts of Egypt and Libya, Africa is a vibrant hub of culturally diverse yet subliminally unified people. Africa has a cultural depth that is expressed in her arts and crafts, folklore and religion, clothing, cuisine, music and language. At face value the heterogeneity of African cultural constitution seems flagrant, with such cultural diversity appearing not just from country to country but even within countries. It can be seen…

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Nelson Mandela

Former President of South Africa (1994–1999)
Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was born in 1918 into the Thembu royal family of the Xhosa tribe of South Africa. As a lawyer in Johannesburg, he became acquainted with the evils of apartheid; he thus became an unrepressed voice of the South African people against the oppressive apartheid government. Despite his imprisonment for 29 years…

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