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Undisputedly, the largest Continent on the planet, Asia spans 30 percent of the world’s surface and boasts 60 percent of the world’s population. With more than half of the world’s people residing on this continent, it is expectedly a vibrant cultural hub, with little unity between the different ethnic and cultural groups resident therein. In fact, most great ancient civilizations can be placed in the region, such as Sumer, China, and the Indian empires, and may be…

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Lucy Alexis Liu

Asian American Actress
Lucy Liu is one extraordinary Asian actress, singer producer and artist. Born in Queens, New York City, in 1968, Lui made her mainstream acting debut in Jerry Maguire, as one of the girlfriends of Tom Cruise’s persona, with her big break coming in the 1998 hit comedy, Alley McBeal. With many nominations and awards to her name, she has risen to the top of…

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