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With over 1.6 billion Muslim followers, Islam currently stands as the second largest religion in the world. It is a monotheistic Abrahamic religion in which its practitioners consider the Quran (the Muslim holy book) to be the precise word of Allah (God) as revealed to the Islamic prophet and messenger Muhammad. Many associate Islam with the Middle East, which does hold the highest concentration of Muslims, but it is the Asia-Pacific region which is home to…

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Imam Siraj Wahhaj

Islamic Scholar & Activists
As the leader of The Islamic Alliance in North America and the imam of Al-Taqwa mosque in Brooklyn, New York, Siraj Wahhaj (born Jeffrey Kearse) is a highly regarded prolific and influential speaker in America. He makes many appearances at major North American Islamic conventions, and on numerous social forums. With his audio and video lectures being viewed by…

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