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A culture with a rich ethnic, racial and cultural diversity with centuries of valued heritage. This land is birth place of significant religious personalities particularly of Islam, Jewish and Christianity. This region is land of many diverse and historically powerful ethnical sects like Arabs, Turks, Persians, Kurds and Azeris-the culturally distinct yet harmoniously bonded ethnics. Tribal system is dominant for centuries in many regions. Middle East culture has strong ethical traditions of hospitality and religious practices. This region especially the Gulf…

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Salma Hayek Jiménez

Flm Actress
Born Sept 2, 1966 Mexico, Selma Hayek has Lebanese & Spanish descent. She is an actress, model, producer and director, starting her career in Mexico, she then moved to USA and starred in prominent movies like Desperado, Dogma, Wild Wild West & From Dusk till Dawn with Frida movie as her career defining movie. In 2015 Selma and her father visited the city of Baabdat

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