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The street has taken up a greater symbol than just a road in a city or town that has houses or buildings on one or both sides. The street in popular usage has come to represent roadblocks to be conquered on the path to success. With the underlying connotation of poverty and crime, it is a victory won, a stumbling block that can also become a stepping stone. For instance, The Game in his song, “Better Days” highlighted the fact that…

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Larry Hoover (King Larry)

Founder of (GD’s) Growth, Development Concept & Organization
Larry Hoover is nothing short of the king of the street. Born in 1950 in Mississippi, better known as “The Chairman” rose into notoriety when he became the leader of the Supreme Gangsters, which later merged with a rival gangster group – under the leadership of kingpin David Barksdale – to become Black Gangster Disciple Nation. Even with a reputation of being one of&

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