There are some fantastic charities right in our neighborhood making a big difference in your community. It’s important to support and give back to the
community when we can. Helping in your local area, charity, or community group can make all the difference to those in need lives.
  • Start Raising

    Create a profile page for your Charity and provide relief and development services where they are needed the most. Just follow our simple instructions to set up your page and start collecting.

  • Local & International

    Cultrahub endeavors to lead the way in charitable contributions through partnering with community centers, community out-reach programs, and foundations.

  • Send A
    Gift Of Hope

    Support your loved ones away from home by sending gifts, experiences, memberships, and subscriptions to institutions throughout the word.

  • Local Charities

    From helping at your local charity, and out-reach programs to working a few hours a week in centers for the venerable and elderly. We have listed places in your locale that urgently need your help.

  • Community Fundraising

    Make good things happen. Support your heart felt causes and give back to your community. Help gather donations, resources and raise awareness of things affecting your area. Start making a difference today.

  • International Crisis

    These great organizations are devoted to helping less fortunate people in developing countries. International charities work throughout the world assisting with aid to victims of war, famine and natural disasters.

  • Local Charities

    Help give back to the community or send hope to love ones away from home, whether in hospital, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, or prisons. Sending a little gift will remind them they’re not forgotten and to never give up.

Giving is not about making donations, it's about making a difference.

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